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The Lifeline Agrobusiness SL company engages in various activities, such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, agro-processing, market access, and research and innovation.

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fresh product from our farm to your home

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About Us

fresh product from our farm to your home

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited, rooted in Sierra Leone, delivers the essence of its fertile farms directly to your home, ensuring each product, from rice to palm oil and fresh produce, is cultivated sustainably. Our commitment to eco-friendly farming brings you the freshest quality products, embodying the richness of our land. From farm to table, we promise purity, quality, and a taste of Sierra Leone's natural bounty, fostering a connection to the land with every bite. Enjoy our sustainably harvested produce, a testament to our dedication to environmental stewardship and community empowerment.

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Our Customer

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited caters to a clientele interested in sustainable agriculture, including small local farmers, international NGOs, governmental organizations, consumers, and businesses seeking quality, eco-friendly agricultural products. The company meets customer needs and fosters long-term partnerships to promote a sustainable, food-secure future.

Our Product

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited provides sustainable, high-quality agricultural products, including organic crops like grains, palm oil, poultry, livestock, cashew nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Utilizing eco-friendly methods, the company also offers innovative solutions and services to boost farmer productivity and sustainability. Its dedication to excellence ensures superior product standards, benefiting both customers and the environment.

Our Services

Empowering African agriculture through comprehensive and sustainable farming solutions, fostering growth, and resilience in local communities.

Food Processing

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited Food Processing initiative enhances Sierra Leone farm produce into nutritious, quality food products using sustainable, modern techniques. This step not only preserves the natural value but also boosts local agriculture's economic impact, ensuring minimal waste and energy efficiency. Our processed foods adhere to high standards, supporting community well-being and food security, showcasing our commitment to transforming agriculture for better health and environmental stewardship.

Agricultural Commodity Training

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited Agro-Commodity Training empowers Sierra Leone's farmers, especially women and small-scale farmers, with crucial agricultural knowledge and skills for the competitive market. The program aims to boost productivity and sustainability by covering sustainable practices, crop management, and market insights. It fosters an informed farming community ready to enhance crop yields and contribute to Sierra Leone's food security and economic growth. This initiative underscores Lifeline's commitment to agricultural education and sustainable development.


Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited provides expert consultancy services to enhance Sierra Leone's agriculture. Our team offers customized advice on sustainable practices, business growth, and market expansion, leveraging extensive agricultural expertise. Aimed at empowering farmers and agribusinesses with productivity, profitability, and sustainable development strategies, our consultancy focuses on practical solutions and leveraging industry insights for client success.

Training for Farmers

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited Training for Farmers program aims to boost Sierra Leone's agriculture through sustainable practices and modern techniques. Focused on enhancing crop yield, quality, and farm sustainability, the initiative offers workshops, field sessions, and seminars led by experts. It seeks to elevate productivity, ensuring food security and economic growth by educating farmers on innovative practices and technology fostering a resilient and sustainable agricultural community.

Agricultural Research and Innovation

Lifeline Agrobusiness SL Limited prioritizes Agricultural Research and Innovation, collaborating with global experts to advance farming in Sierra Leone. The company integrates new findings into farmer training and consultancy by focusing on climate-resilient crops, eco-friendly pest control, soil health, and digital farming technologies. This approach enhances productivity and sustainability, positioning Sierra Leone as a leader in sustainable agriculture.

Agricultural Marketing Services

Assisting in the efficient movement of agricultural products from the farm to the consumer. Helping farmers sell their products through market analysis, branding, and distribution.

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Dr. Ing. Ibrahim Abdulai Sawaneh

Dr. Ing. Ibrahim Abdulai Sawaneh

Founder & Managing Director

Mrs. Elizabeth Guma Sawaneh

Mrs. Elizabeth Guma Sawaneh

Founder & Director of Finance

Mr. Director of Human Resource Department 4

Mr. Sama Vandi Sama

Acting Director of Human Resources


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